As they say, third time’s the charm! We held our third masterclass with the support of e2i on 29 May with a focus on enabling Worker 4.0.

All 100 over of our guests walked away equipped with knowledge on how to use social and digital tech to harness the power of technology and big data for the MICE industry. It was a full-day masterclass packed in 7 hours with 5 talks, 3 event booths, 2 charismatic technopreneurs and 1 scrumptious lunch-and-refreshments-break that was, if we might add, a hit with all our attendees! (Thinking and learning makes you hungry!)

Much valuable insight and knowledge were shared that day and we’ve rounded up some of them for you! Let’s take a look at the highlights of The Power of Data for MICE!

Held at the Visual Arts Centre, the beautiful space was surrounded by lush greenery and the great weather that day made it extra exciting to start the day early with a masterclass!

From left: Farhan Noor and Noel Tan taking participants through two different facets of data leveraging and sales funnelling using digital tools
Two tenacious technopreneurs with their own successful digital platforms and experts on leveraging the power of data shared on the industry’s best use of technologies and marketing concepts for events! Farhan, Founder and CEO of Fuzzie, spoke on the power of data and cultivating a culture of tech and innovation with his own experiences such as his latest venture, Fuzzie, the e-gifting app. Declaring that “sales funnels are the way to go!”, Noel elaborated on how the attendees can empower their staff to manage sales funnels for productivity.

From left: The Bone Marrow Donor Programme and 361 Degree Consultancy, our guest speakers of the day
As part of our CSR efforts, we invited The Bone Marrow Donor Programme to spread the word on the good work they do for blood disease patients. 361 Degree Consultancy shared productivity solutions with our event companies and advised them on available grants to help them upgrade.

The day ended with a Q&A session where attendees got to ask our speakers all their burning questions.

Thank you everyone for making The Power of Data for MICE a great success!

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