Are you considering launching a product designed for women and are at a loss as to what to do? Here are some product launch activities that you can do to add an extra ‘wow’ factor to product launches for women: 

  1. Hybrid workshops focused on women empowerment

Organise a hybrid session with the goal of empowering women and boosting their self-confidence. Include events, special guests, and discussions on subjects including professional development, personal growth, and health and wellness. Personal safety, budgeting, self-defence, investment, and other interesting subjects that support women’s self-care and wellness.  Showcase and advertise your items that are geared towards meeting the needs and well-being of women throughout the session[1].

  • Expo on Beauty and Wellness

Plan a beauty and wellness expo that highlights a range of products made just for women. Include products for healthy living, fitness equipment, cosmetics, haircare, and skin care. To engage attendees and generate talk about your business, provide product samples, interactive experiences, and demos.

  • A Retreat for Women’s Health And Fitness

 Plan a weekend retreat that focuses on the fitness and wellbeing of women. Offer events like yoga classes, fitness clinics, workshops on meditation, and demonstrations of healthy cookery. Include your products in the retreat experience by delivering free samples, running exclusive sales, or supporting particular events.

  • Campaign for Women’s Health Awareness

Start a campaign to raise awareness about women’s health issues. Work together with organisations, influencers, and healthcare experts to spread the word about issues like breast cancer, mental illness, sexual and reproductive health, and heart health. Utilise your products as instruments for management or prevention, and during the campaign, give special discounts or make donations to worthwhile causes. Make the most of social media to reach a wider audience.

  • Trunk Sale and Fashion Show

To host a fashion show presenting your items, work with regional fashion designers and boutiques. Make sure to emphasise the elegance and adaptability of your products, and provide visitors a chance to buy right away. Offer unique bargains or limited-time deals at the event’s trunk sale.

  • Business networking event for women

Plan a networking event that is especially geared towards women professionals, company owners, and entrepreneurs. Create a space where women may interact, exchange experiences, and gain from one another. By setting up booths, providing product demos, or including product samples in event swag bags, you may provide guests the chance to interact with your items.

  • Mother and Child Event

Organise a family-friendly event for moms and their kids. Offer moms and kids activities like parenting, child development, and mother self-care seminars. Display your family-friendly goods, including baby supplies, parenting aids, and parents’ self-care products.

  • Social Media Marketing

Start a social media marketing campaign aimed at women, emphasising the special qualities and advantages of your items. Work with influencers to provide interesting material, such as user-generated content, product reviews, and tutorials. Offer rewards like prizes or discounts to encourage women to actively participate in sharing their experiences using your products.

Making events for a product launch has gotten harder since the pandemic’s new normal has taken hold. This shouldn’t, however, lead to the event being uninteresting. Additionally, you can use a variety of venues to spread the word more widely.

[1] Top 16 Virtual Unique Activities for Women’s Day 2023

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