Events and events planning are not the same today as they used to be some years ago. The old models are falling away and the internet is enabling new, dynamic formats of events to come to the surface and be considered by planners and event participants. Let’s briefly talk about what we mean when we say that events management has evolved into a new phase of development and the old practices are gradually becoming less and less important.

From simplifying your planning to growing your events to managing your sales, the internet provides opportunities that were not remotely available to the event planners of the previous generation. Today, you can create a 100% custom event page in no more than half an hour and start sending off your event invites in minutes. You can do it for small family parties or, even at scale, for large corporate events. With the power of online sharing today, you can promote and grow your events faster than you could imagine a decade ago. You now have the check-in tools, the reports, and real-time data at your disposal. You can use them to keep track of your ticket performance, gain real-time insights, and make appropriate decisions at any time during your events planning.

What’s more, far from being a passive audience your attendees today can be actively engaged at virtually every step of the event process – from planning to execution. It’s a shift of thinking that most event planners have been able to embrace by adapting to the changing rules of the game. Because of this real-time feedback system and attendees’ active participation, managing and tracking your RSVPS have become extremely easy and convenient. No matter how large or complex your event, today you have access to a bunch of nifty tools out there that can make RSVPs and ticketing so easy as to allow you to shift your focus on other areas that are more important to your event’s success.

Gone are the days when paper-based preparations used to be the norm amongst the event planners; gone are even the days when the planners’ key resource for events promotion used to be a limited list of subscribers. Today, there are as many creative ways as there are creative planners. With a little bit of homework, you can find a great deal about event listing and social media tools that are specially designed to help you spread the word about your corporate events.

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