Generation Z, born between 1997 to 2012, are the first digital natives who grew up in a world full of various amazing technological advancements and innovations.

This is very much unlike previous generations, many of whom are still slowly learning how to use and operate these technologies. This puts Gen Z a level above all previous generations when it comes to any form of technology.

However, have you ever noticed how those in Gen Z, also commonly referred to as Centennials, never seem to be easily impressed by any event that they experience?

Therefore, this begs the question, how do we impress those who are used to amazing tech innovations and digital experiences?

When Centennials have access to instant information on the web, the answers to all their questions lie at their fingertips, so nothing ever fazes them anymore.

Here’s our take on 4 ways to make your events stand out and impress even the most hard-to -please Gen Z.

1. Make events “share-worthy”

Gen Zs love to post on their social media to share their experiences with their fellow friends and families, and most importantly to keep a memory of the activity they did with them in their social media feed, which acts as a kind of virtual diary for them, so that when they get older, they can look back fondly on their memories.

 Hence, most of them would want to look good in photos when they post. It’s important to remember that when you arrange an event, leave a dedicated space to act as a photobooth with a beautiful background, or you can even choose to provide some props to make photo-taking even more fun and interesting.

This will surely impress Centennials as they will appreciate these photo-worthy moments. Add in fun hashtags and social media accounts to tag to boost your brand’s social media engagement too! The only problem you’ll face? There might be a hold-up at the photo-booth with guests hogging the camera!

2. Advertise your events on the relevant social media platforms

We all know the importance of advertising your prodcuts on social media, but do you know the right platforms to do so?

There are tons of social media platforms that are available nowadays such as Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter. However, the right channel is determined by your audience!

For example, most Centennials, who are teenagers, are known to frequent Instagram and Twitter more frequently than Facebook, even with some jokingly referring to Facebook as the “old person’s social media” (we take no offence).

Therefore, if you want more Centennials to notice your events, direct the majority of those advertisements towards social media platforms most frequented by teenagers, most notably Instagram or TikTok, so that you can reach your target audience more easily.

3. Personalised product branding and customised experiences

When a company personalised their product branding, it makes it so much easier for that company to really stand out amongst other events out there.

It will also make it easier for Centennials to remember the name of your company and event so that they can refer their families or friends to join the next event

you might plan.

With customised experiences, it makes each experience truly unique for each Centennial, such that no two experiences are the same. Uniqueness and one-of-a-kind events? That’s something the new generation truly appreciates.

4. Use technology to drive the event experience

As mentioned earlier, Centennials are digital natives, which means that they have

grown up in a digital era and are adept at all sorts of technology from mobile apps to experiencing VR and AR.

One way to really liven up the event experience is to use cutting-edge technology to impress your guests.

Technology is something that all Centennials love and are familiar with, so by using technology, it introduces a new element but also still retains a sense of familiarity for them.

For example, one might choose to take advantage of bright and dazzling technology, such as colour-changing LED lights, which can be used to attract attention from not just Centennials (photo-worthy!)

On the other hand, one might choose to use newer technology and innovations, such as Artificial Intelligence, or AI, to improve experiences and change the way events and companies engage with their audience.

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