Habits are hard to kick. Whether it takes the general consensus of 21 days or the latest scientific finding of 66 days, it’s a long journey of self-discovery. Bad habits can harm our health, our relationships, or simply stand in our way. Foolish event habits are the same – they are the tiny little things that stand between you and a truly kickass event that will help you reach your marketing goals!

At its heart, a successful event benefits people and oozes humanity from the cause that it furthers – these keep people coming back for more. But sometimes, events fall short of expectations in terms of execution.

We don’t always get everything right. And because of that, we have learned some important things along the way. Here are 5 Foolish Event Habits You Need to Kick:

1. Scrimping on the Budget

An event is a marketing investment that will see returns if customers enjoy the experience. Thus, money and time has to be invested in the event to create a truly engaging experience. Marketing and promotions, speakers and talent, collaterals, venues, entertainment and refreshments are not optional – and it pays to spend on high-quality ones.

2. Not Having a “Plan” in Event Planning

There is no template for event planning, because every event should be tailored specifically to meet your needs. But there should always be a solid plan backing you up. Having a plan keeps you on track on your event objectives and keeping ahead of logistics and facilities on D-Day.

3. Leaving No Room for A Little Spontaneity

When Plan A, Plan B and Plan C fails, you know you have to ditch the plans and come up with something spontaneous (and also have better plans). With experience comes the know-how to handle any situation that arises. Always expect the unexpected. Who knows, these could make your event even more memorable for your guests!

4. Not Embracing Technology

Technology is especially useful in events because it allows you to elevate the event experience and reach audiences way beyond your target market. Live streams, social media channels, event apps, virtual and augmented reality… need we say more?

5. Your Event Ends on the Day of the Event

Always follow up. You need a channel for constructive feedback. Chances are, these guests will not be just one-time customers, so you want to take their opinions seriously. Post-event also includes sharing of related materials, further information and even pictures and videos from the event (hopefully, these are high-quality content that can be shared and spread on social media!)

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