If you want an event for your brand that engages your customers purposefully, excites your target audience immediately, and captures media attention fully, event planning starts now!

Chief marketing officers at prominent brands spend a great amount of their budget on live events and it’s not surprising – many surveys rank the effectiveness of live events above digital channels such as digital advertising and content marketing.

Live events set up a direct, face-to-face, in-person interaction that enable brands to touch base with all stakeholders. And at the same time, communicate their brand message to those who need to hear it. With technology, the positive impact of live events reaches new heights.

Measuring Event ROI Made Easy

Event management platforms easily measure event success and data collected can be applied digital marketing campaigns, making them more focused and specific. KPIs that should be measured include event registrations, gross revenue, attendee satisfaction through surveys and customers acquired.

Like, Share, Subscribe

As a substantial slice of the workforce pie is now made of tech-savvy millennials hooked on social media, live events are a great way of engaging this demographic who value the experiences of things (to later turn intangible experiences into tangible social media postings). Attendees create original content in real-time and share them on their social media platforms. When the social media mentions of your brand’s event blows up, so will media attention.

An Unforgettable Event with Immersive Technology

To really take your event up a notch, use immersive technology to elevate your brand experience. Design apps that can access an intriguing Augmented Reality (AR) experience or enter Virtual Reality (VR) modes and blend them seamlessly with the actual experience of the event. These are especially useful for virtual tours or digital maps of the event venue that are sure to resonate with the audience, creating a memorable event that they won’t forget!

Whether it is conferences, trade shows, seminars, ceremonies, galas, or virtual events, organise business events to help your brand reinforce and build experiences that your customers remember.

If you are thinking of having an event to promote your brand and generate more awareness and leads, contact us at prominence@eminence-event.com. Let’s see how we can work with you to create a memorable, outstanding event in 2019!