As an event organiser, you should always be ready to change your plan and to tackle new challenges at the very last moment. We all know how stressful events can get – from packing of goodie bags, to guest registration, to backhand logistics, to event wrap-up… There are also things you can’t control, from low conversions levels to poor engagement on social media. But for every challenge, there is a solution. All these solutions will help to ensure that your event runs smoothly, no matter what rains on your (event’s) parade!

Last-Minute Marketing to Ramp Up Your Event’s Engagement

  • Google AdWords

You can count on Google AdWords. Advertising via Google AdWords requires some spending. The beauty of Google AdWords is in how quickly you can implement it. You can simply pick a few relevant keywords, define your investment, and leap a campaign that will reap new signups.

  • Sponsors

You can always involve sponsors. You and your sponsors have a shared goal when it comes to event attendance. In case your sponsors have a large client base in a target niche, go ahead and ask them for help. You can create a promotion campaign contest for socials media. Your sponsors will take it then and share it with their audience.

  • Social Media

The most important channels are on social media. If you want to generate some virality, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat should be your best friends at any stage. Therefore, you can increase the number of posts, set up an online contest, or use livestreaming.

  • Forums

Of course! Forums are still alive. There are a lot of active forum communities on such platforms such as LinkedIn and Google+. People appreciate forum discussions because they provide capabilities for direct interaction with an organising team. Therefore, they stay actively engaged before an event to drive some valuable conversation and attention.

Managing Attendance at an Event

Dropouts are a fact. People feel tired, run late or have a last-minute engagement that they cannot miss. Whatever it is, it doesn’t make it easier for you. How do you attract the right audience and ensure that most of them turn up?

  • Free drinks

Coffee or tea is a good way to get people to attend a free event. Apart from food and drink, if you were to offer a service or giveaway it has to be relevant and something which will help or interest people.

  • Pay a deposit

You can let guests pay a deposit to secure their place, which was refunded after they attended. You can make up small group workshops at the event and allow people to sign up when the register. Having secured space will make your guest feel more committed.

  • Create anticipation/communication

Communicate with the people about the event. Get them excited about it. A personal touch makes the relationship harder to break!

  • Event Reminder

Send an email reminder a few hours beforehand to alert your guest of the event. Try to put a lot of personal detail and make it sound as exciting as possible so that they feel it’s an event worth attending.

  • Ballot system

By using a ballot system, the guest could apply for a free ticket to the event, after that you could allocate tickets at random. Then you can also check who claimed their ticket and who didn’t.

It is Not an Event Without Technology

It’s important to use technology that fits the best with your event. Try not to use not tech-friendly or outdated technology for your event because this will create an impression on your target audience.

  • Facial recognition apps for checking in

These apps, you can scan the faces of the guests, who have opted into facial recognition. By uploading photos during registration and comparing them to the photo database. This brings organisers several benefits from expedited check-in and access control to the delivery of a more personalised event experience.

  • Video platforms

Online content before the event generates momentum and fosters trust in your ability to deliver a quality experience. The video content can be repurposed after the event. This is a great way to monetise your event.

  • Photo booths

Booths are an icebreaker and a way to capture the event for attendees before having them share on social media. This will be the perfect marketing trifecta for a successful event. They are a great way to generate voluntary event promotion, so it is good to rent or invest in one.

  • 360-degree LED screens

Screens allow you to create an ambience and environment on a moment’s notice. The more wall-space is covered with the screen, the more flexibility you have to immerse you, attendees, in a scene of your choosing.

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